Get it right today, and everytime you service with a Zooper Agent.

There’s no point getting a great deal on your used car and then getting a rude shock at your first service.

That’s why we offer Zooper Fixed Price Servicing on all Zooper vehicles. We’ll let you know before we service your car exactly what it will cost – so there are no surprises at the end of the day.

At Zooper, your vehicle will be looked after by certified mechanics who are obsessed with cars. Our Agents offer many different levels of service including seasonal servicing – designed to suit your vehicle’s specific requirements and service history.

It’s worth noting – to keep your protection plan intact, you will need to service your Zooper vehicle at required intervals (as per the manufacturer specifications). So … if you are planning to take a long road-trip, book in for a quick driveway check for peace-of-mind before your journey begins.

Ask your nearest Zooper Agent for further details or contact us today.