Here at Zooper, we’re not here to change the world. We just want to change the way people feel about buying used cars.

By taking away the hassle, dodgy tactics and risk from used car buying, you can actually enjoy the experience. That’s what we’re all about.

With our Zooper Guarantee, you don’t need worry about whether you’ve been sold a shonky piece of junk. You can just get pumped about hitting the roads, winding the windows down and just enjoying your new ride.

We’re not here to make the world a better place.

We’ll just help you get into a better car.

And that’s our Zooper Guarantee.

Part of the Eagers Automotive family

Every accredited Zooper Agent is part of the Eagers Automotive Group – which is a pretty big deal. Since 1913, the A.P. Eagers Group has grown to be an automotive powerhouse, with over 100 dealerships across the country, offering new and used car sales, servicing, parts and automotive finance. They also employ over 4,000 Aussies!

With this kind of muscle behind us, you know you’re dealing with the best.